DION board meeting, 8 June 2015

Board meeting summon and agenda here.

8. June 2015 - 14:15



If you are interested in a case, send an e-mail to post@dion.ntnu.no, for more information. The board meetings are open to everyone.

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Øyvind Storesund Hetland web2

Suggested changes to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges

DION President Øyvind Storesund Hetland was interviewed by Universitetsavisa about the Minister of Educations suggested changes to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges. For your convenience we provide a summary in English below:

According to the Civil Service Act a Civil Servant that has served in a temporary position for more than four years, or in a permanent position for more than two years is entitled to what is known as “strong employment protection”.  Up until now this has the effect that if a PhD candidate is employed in a short term temporary position immediately after finishing the PhD, he or she will be entitled to permanent employment with the University or the University College. This fact makes it impossible for institutions to keep their candidates after they finish the PhD unless they have a permanent position to offer, and the PhD candidates are forced to look to other institutions if they are seeking a career in academia.

The suggested changes to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges enables the Ministry of Education and Research to determine in a regulation whether or not (or how much of) the time spent as a PhD candidate will be counted in the “four year rule” of the Civil Cervants Act.

“The suggestion contains both pros and cons. The universities need reasonable possibilities to use temporary positions for temporary needs. At the same time we agree with Forskerforbundet: This may lead to an increase in the amount of temporary positions.” says DION President Øyvind Storesund Hetland.

DiON will work together with SiN with this hearing. Input from doctoral candidates or other temporary scientific staff at NTNU will be greatly appreciated.


New DION President and board elected

The DION President and board for the 2015-2016 term was elected at the AGM tonight.

The new DION President is the former DION Vice President Øyvind Storesund Hetland. Øyvind is a PhD candidate at the The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology

The new board members are:

Name Position Faculty
Kam Sripada PhD candidate Faculty of Medicine
Vegard Hagen PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Elli Verhulst Postdoc Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Hammad Majeed PhD candidate Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
Mohammad Saud Afzal PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Alexander Busch PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Shareq Mohd Nazir PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology

Annual general meeting

22. April 2015 - 16:00


Invitation to DION annual general meeting and board elections 22 April 2015

Date: Wednesday 22 April 2015
Time: 16.00-17:00        Mini course on presentation techniques – Åsmund Berstad, SiT
17:00-18.30        Annual general meeting
Location: Hovedbygget, Gløshaugen, NTNU, Auditorium H3


DION is hosting its annual general meeting with election of the new board for 2014-2015. All board positions are up for election, which means that a president and at least four board members will be elected. Candidates for board positions can be announced by e-mail to post@dion.ntnu.no, or directly at the meeting. We encourage all interested PhD candidates and post docs to consider joining the board. A board position on DION can be credited as up to one month of duty work, or one month extension of the PhD project period (Forskrift om stipendiater ved NTNU, §2).

We will kick off the evening with a mini course on presentation techniques by Åsmund Berstad from SiT (Studentsamskipnaden I Trondheim).

Light food will be served at the meeting.

Time schedule

16:00-16:15        Welcome/Clara Good, President DION

16:15-17:00        Mini course on presentation techniques/Åsmund Berstad, SiT

16:45-18:30        DION annual general meeting


  1. Presentation of yearly report for 2014
  2. Approval of budget for 2014
  3. Approval of suggested changes to the statutes
  4. Presentation of candidates and election of new DION board and president


Sign up for the event on facebook!

Documents for the AGM here.

DION Board meeting

13. April 2015 - 09:00

DION board meeting summons

Time Monday April 13, 09:00 – 12:00
Place Studenttinget meeting room, Stripa, Gløshaugen


1         AGM

Preparation for DION’s annual general meeting 22 April

  • Speaker from SiT
  • Organization and information spreading
  • Changes to stautes?
    • Should we explicitly include postdocs?
    • Should we include election committee?

2         DION internal projects – status

Status report and planned activities in DION’s internal projects.

  • PhD candidates and Bindeleddet
  • Duty work regulations
  • Working capital
  • Wrap-up and plan for hand over to the next board

3         Updates from meetings and activities

  • Institute leader meeting/Clara
  • Status report from the work group on PhD handbook revision/Fernanda & Morten

4         PhD cases /Clara NOT PUBLIC

Updates on ongoing PhD cases.

5         Current issues in SiN /Morten

Update and discussion on current activities the Association of Doctoral Organisations in Norway/Stipendiatene i Norge (SiN)

6         Events/Marthe Emelie

Status and plans for DION events

  • DION@Trondhjem Mikrobrygger 14 April

7         A.o.b

Open point. Any topics can be announced before or at the meeting.

  • E-mail lists – who should be on them?
  • Procedure related to summons and minutes
  • Compensation for DION board work – status of the applications


The meeting is open to discussion from all attending parties and for any cases not already announced.



Clara Good

President, DION



DION@Trondhjem Mikrobryggeri

14. April 2015 - 20:00

It is time for our next pub night. This time we will meet at Trondheim Mikrobryggeri. Join us for a drink and get the chance to meet new people from other parts of NTNU.

We would especially like to invite those of you who are interested in getting involved in DION, and perhaps run for the board in the upcoming elections at the annual general meeting. This will be a great chance to chat with current board members and learn more about what we do.


Seminar for current and prospective PhD students

Date and time: Tuesday 20.01.2014 at 14:15 – 17:00

Location: Realfagsbygget R2, NTNU

Please sign up HERE  (The seminar is free of charge).

At the seminar you can

  • learn about what issues should be clarified before starting a PhD, some of the problems that may occur along the way, and what help is available for resolving such problems,
  • learn about what assistance is available for commercializing the results of PhD research,
  • hear about attempts to make the PhD studies something more than  research training in a narrow field of expertise, and
  • listen to representatives from academia, research institutes and industry – why do they recruit PhDs, and what are they looking when they hire?

The seminar is organized by Tekna Forskerne


14:15     Introduction.  Morten Hovd, Professor,  NTNU  and Tekna Forskerne

14:30     PhD studies – what you need to know. Clara Good, DION

14:50     PhD topics within Ocean Science and Technology: example projects. Ingrid Schjølberg, director NTNU Ocean Space Science and Technology

15:10     Seram Coatings AS  – from PhD to high-tech start-up.  Eli Grong Aursand, TTO

15:30     Learning objectives for PhD studies and special recruitment measures at NTNU.  Bjarne Helvik, Vice Dean for Research, IME Faculty

15:50     SINTEF needs the very best people from all the world in order to succeed. Rolf Erik Fiskvik, Manager of organizational development, SINTEF.

16:10     Industry and PhD recruitment. Ola Erik Fjellstad, IPR manager, Kongsberg Seatex

16:30     Comments, discussion, wrap-up.