Nordic Five Tech- Individual postdoc fellowships

16 fellowships under the H.C. Ørsted Postdoc COFUND Programme at Technical University of Denmark.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU) invites highly talented young researchers who have obtained outstanding results during their PhD studies and demonstrated excellence and potential in their field ofstudy to apply for one of the 16 fellowships under the international H.C. Ørsted Postdoc COFUND Programme, co-funded by Marie Curie Actions. The Programme is named after Hans Christian Ørsted,discoverer of electromagnetism and founder of the University.

DTU recommends that the research plan is developed in close cooperation with the hosting research department and professor. Applicants are encouraged to show this cooperation through a letter of support from the hosting department.

Applications must be based on the details of the full call text. For more information please visit

Application deadline: Tuesday 23 February 2016 (midnight, CET).
DTU welcomes applications from all interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, disability, race, religion or ethnic background.

More information about the fellowships: Research/Research-at-DTU/HC- Oersted-Postdoc—COFUND—COFUND/Programme-areas
2016 DTU COFUNDannouncement



The PhD Movie

DION is hosting a free screening of “The PhD Movie (1)” at NTNU! Based on the popular comic “PhD Comics” ( and backed by the author of the comic, the movie is a funny “must watch” for us who are trying to endure a PhD or PostDoc.
Haven’t seen it yet? Welcome to R2, Realfagbygget, on Wednesday the 28th at 16:30! (Movie playtime: 67mins)

PhD Movie poster

Check out the trailer

Facebook event

The PhD Movie 1 takes a humorous and poignant look at four graduate students as they grapple with research, being a teaching assistant and finding balance in their over-worked lives.

More about the movie:
The PHD Movie is the independently-produced live-action adaptation of the online comic strip Piled Higher and Deeper. Filmed on location at the California Institute of Technology, the movie follows four graduate students and their struggles with teaching, love and getting their research to work.

Ph.d-kurs høsten 2015/Ph.d course autumn 2015

Vitenskapelig kommunikasjon – publisering og allmennrettet formidling/Communicating science – in journals and to the general public

See below for information in English

Trenger du hjelp til å skrive bedre vitenskapelige artikler? Kan du også tenke deg å få resultatene dine presentert i Aftenposten og NRK? 

Vi gir deg verktøyene som åpner dørene både til vitenskapelige tidsskrifter og til avisredaksjoner. «Vitenskapelig kommunikasjon – publisering og allmennrettet formidling» ble tilbudt som et pilotemne høsten 2014. Det var en stor suksess, og blir nå et fast tilbud til doktorgradsstudenter, utenom Det medisinske fakultet (DMF). Der utdanner de superhelter i forskningskommunikasjon!

Emnet HFEL8000 arrangeres i august og september, uke 36 og 39.

Kurset gir en innføring i både skriving og publisering av vitenskapelige artikler og presentasjon av forskning til et bredere publikum. Her får du effektiv trening både i vitenskapelig og populærvitenskapelig formidling.

Virker dette interessant?

Emnet HFEL8000 blir tilbudt i uke 36 og 39:

  • mandag 31. august i rom JC23 (Moholt) kl. 0830 – 1500
  • tirsdag 1. september i rom JB30 (Moholt) kl. 0830 – 1500
  • mandag 21. september i rom JB30 (Moholt) kl. 0830 – 1500
  • tirsdag 22. september i rom JB30 (Moholt) kl. 0830 – 1445

Informasjonen du trenger før og under kurset vil bli lagt ut på Itslearning.

Påmelding til kurset skjer via Studentweb, gjennom å legge inn undervisningsmelding og tilhørende vurderingsmelding (eksamensoppmelding) i HFEL8000. Du må være registrert Ph.d-student ved NTNU for å kunne delta på kurset. Tilgang til Itslearning kommer automatisk. Ta kontakt med førstekonsulent Stine Krogh Hagen ( ved Institutt for språk og litteratur dersom du trenger hjelp til påmelding.

NB! Kurset holdes på engelsk, men bruker du norsk som hovedspråk i forskningsarbeidet ditt kan du gjerne arbeide med norske tekster under kurset.

Faglig ansvarlig for emnet er førsteamanuensis Nancy Lea Eik-Nes ved Institutt for språk og litteratur (HF).

Detaljert studieplan legges ut i Itslearning.



Do you need help with writing better research articles? Would you also like to present your findings in Aftenposten and NRK?

We give you the tools that open the doors to both scientific journals and newspaper editors. “Communicating science – in journals and to the general public” is a new subject being offered to all doctoral students this autumn (except those at the Faculty of Medicine – DMF). The course is a new version of the required course at DMF that has educated super heroes in research communication!

This success will now be available in a version for all PhD students in the subject HFEL8000.The course is an introduction to writing and publishing research articles, as well as presenting your research to a broader audience. You will get practice in developing your skills in communicating your research scientifically, and also as popular science.

Does this sound interesting?

The course will be held Mondays and Tuesdays, weeks 36 and 39.

  • Monday, 31 August in room JC23 (Moholt) 0830 – 1500
  • Tuesday, 1 September in room JB30 (Moholt) 0830 – 1500
  • Monday, 21 September in room JB30 (Moholt) 0830 – 1500
  • Tuesday, 22 September in room JB30 (Moholt) 0830 – 1445


Sign up on Studentweb by registering for classes and for evaluation in HFEL8000. In order to register for the course you must be registered as a Ph.D.-student at NTNU. You will automatically get access to Itslearning. If you need help to register, contact Stine Krogh Hagen ( Higher Executive Officer at the Department of Language and Literature.

Information you need before and during the course will be posted on It’s Learning.

NB! The course is in English, but those of you who use Norwegian as your main language in your research are invited to use Norwegian for the coursework as well.

A detailed plan for the study will be posted early in the autumn. The course coordinator is Nancy Lea Eik-Nes, Associate Professor at the Department of Language and Literature (HF).

DION board meeting, 8 June 2015

Board meeting summon and agenda here.

8. June 2015 - 14:15



If you are interested in a case, send an e-mail to, for more information. The board meetings are open to everyone.


Øyvind Storesund Hetland web2

Suggested changes to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges

DION President Øyvind Storesund Hetland was interviewed by Universitetsavisa about the Minister of Educations suggested changes to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges. For your convenience we provide a summary in English below:

According to the Civil Service Act a Civil Servant that has served in a temporary position for more than four years, or in a permanent position for more than two years is entitled to what is known as “strong employment protection”.  Up until now this has the effect that if a PhD candidate is employed in a short term temporary position immediately after finishing the PhD, he or she will be entitled to permanent employment with the University or the University College. This fact makes it impossible for institutions to keep their candidates after they finish the PhD unless they have a permanent position to offer, and the PhD candidates are forced to look to other institutions if they are seeking a career in academia.

The suggested changes to the Act relating to Universities and University Colleges enables the Ministry of Education and Research to determine in a regulation whether or not (or how much of) the time spent as a PhD candidate will be counted in the “four year rule” of the Civil Cervants Act.

“The suggestion contains both pros and cons. The universities need reasonable possibilities to use temporary positions for temporary needs. At the same time we agree with Forskerforbundet: This may lead to an increase in the amount of temporary positions.” says DION President Øyvind Storesund Hetland.

DiON will work together with SiN with this hearing. Input from doctoral candidates or other temporary scientific staff at NTNU will be greatly appreciated.


New DION President and board elected

The DION President and board for the 2015-2016 term was elected at the AGM tonight.

The new DION President is the former DION Vice President Øyvind Storesund Hetland. Øyvind is a PhD candidate at the The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology

The new board members are:

Name Position Faculty
Kam Sripada PhD candidate Faculty of Medicine
Vegard Hagen PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Elli Verhulst Postdoc Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Hammad Majeed PhD candidate Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology
Mohammad Saud Afzal PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Alexander Busch PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology
Shareq Mohd Nazir PhD candidate Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology