The PhD Movie

DION is hosting a free screening of “The PhD Movie (1)” at NTNU! Based on the popular comic “PhD Comics” ( and backed by the author of the comic, the movie is a funny “must watch” for us who are trying to endure a PhD or PostDoc.
Haven’t seen it yet? Welcome to R2, Realfagbygget, on Wednesday the 28th at 16:30! (Movie playtime: 67mins)

PhD Movie poster

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The PhD Movie 1 takes a humorous and poignant look at four graduate students as they grapple with research, being a teaching assistant and finding balance in their over-worked lives.

More about the movie:
The PHD Movie is the independently-produced live-action adaptation of the online comic strip Piled Higher and Deeper. Filmed on location at the California Institute of Technology, the movie follows four graduate students and their struggles with teaching, love and getting their research to work.